[Can eating Chinese cabbage lose weight every day?

】 _Slimming_Function

[Can eating Chinese cabbage lose weight every day?
】 _Slimming_Function

Everyone has eaten Chinese cabbage. According to reports, this vegetable is rich in cellulose, so eating it has a laxative effect, which is especially suitable for those who have had constipation for a long time. But we must remind everyone that Chinese cabbage is actually cold.Cold food, so people with spleen and stomach can not eat more, and can not eat cold Chinese cabbage, now many people are losing weight, then whether eating Chinese cabbage every day has a weight loss effect?

Can eating Chinese cabbage lose weight every day?
1. Can I eat cabbage every day to lose weight? Chinese cabbage is delicious and refreshing, appetizing and spleen, contains protein, traces, multivitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Regular food enhances the body’s immune function and is also helpful for weight loss and fitness.

2. Chinese cabbage reduces the incidence of diabetes. Scientists at the New York Hormone Institute in the United States have found that the incidence of diabetes in Chinese and Japanese women is lower than in Western women because they often eat cabbage.

There is a compound in cabbage that can help break down the estrogen associated with the substrate, and its content is about 1% of the weight of cabbage.

The air is particularly dry in autumn and winter, and the cold wind is extremely harmful to human skin. Cabbage is rich in vitamins, and eating more cabbage can play a good skin care and beauty effect, prevent women from generating free radicals, moisturize the intestines and detox.Promote human body’s absorption of animal proteins.

The cellulose in cabbage can not only make the intestines moisturize and promote detoxification, but also promote the human body’s absorption of animal proteins.

3, the beauty effect of cabbage cabbage actually has a cosmetic effect.

Fair skin, no acne and no trace, this is the skin type that all women dream of. There are a variety of skin care products on the market, skin care products are plentiful, and some are expensive, and the business of beauty salons is getting more and more popular.

How to use the most cost-effective method to achieve the most satisfactory skin effect? Leading education public nutritionist training expert lecturer will recommend some beauty tips: Nowadays, a acne-removing mask from the “Turkish folk” is being transmitted on the Internet.The material of this mask is very simple, which is the Chinese cabbage that I usually eat.

It is said that Turkish women’s skin is white and tender, and skin diseases such as acne rarely occur, which is why they often use Chinese cabbage leaves to stick their faces.

The method of making Chinese cabbage mask is very simple: take the whole slice of fresh Chinese cabbage and wash it, flatten it on a clean cutting board, and gently roll it with a rolling pin for about 10 minutes until the leaves are netted.

Paste the vegetable leaf paste on the face, change one vegetable leaf every 10 minutes, and change three vegetable leaves once a day.

This Chinese cabbage mask is really effective for treating acne and whitening skin.

Because Chinese cabbage oxidizes vitamins and other nutrients, and can remove fats, and has a unique heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

People with “acne” do not prevent trying this mask, but they should be replaced as soon as possible when the skin becomes allergic such as redness or rash.