Children often eat chocolate can lead to violent character

Children often eat chocolate can lead to violent character

Eating chocolate has always been considered to make people happy because it contains tryptophan, which helps to synthesize serotonin and stabilize mood.

But a recent study published by British scientists pointed out that it may be the source of child violence.

  According to the “Central News Agency” report, the results of a follow-up survey of more than 17,000 children born in the 1970s by British scientists 40 years later point out that children around the age of 10 who ate sweets or chocolate every day before reaching the age of 34, 69% had committed crimeArrest for violent crime.

  British scientists pointed out that the results of this study do not mean that chocolate is not good, but just a more psychological interpretation of how children make decisions.

  According to Simon Moore, parents who are used to “buying” their children with sweets and chocolates and making them more benevolent may be counterproductive, because it may prevent children from learning to satisfy and then develop impulsive and violent characters.

  However, Moore is also good at it. The results of the study are not enough for academics to recommend that parents stop buying sweets and chocolates for their children, because there is something extremely complicated about children’s behavior that simply cannot blame the problem of violence on sweets.