Test: Would you grab a good friend’s boyfriend?

Test: Would you grab a good friend’s boyfriend?

Translation: If your good friend wears a very beautiful and chic jewelry, you also like this jewelry very much, would you?


Ask him where he bought it, and hurry up to buy a 2 too.

I thought it might be expensive, and I don’t like wearing the same accessories3.

Show envious expression and borrow 4 from him.

Feeling unsuitable for him to wear, ask him to wear the test results by himself: 1.

You wo n’t grab someone ‘s lover. Even if you like it, you just keep it in your heart. But you will use him as the standard and choose a lover with similar conditions.


Choose “I may be expensive, and I don’t like wearing the same accessories as others.”

You have your own taste and value your spiritual life, so you will choose a partner with similar personalities and good feelings. You are a person who can enjoy your marriage life, and you are very low-key on this issue.


Choose “Show an envious expression and borrow from him to wear it.” You can’t help but show off to your friend’s lover. Although not entirely accidental, if the time comes, you may have a friend’s love.

Your passion and enthusiasm make your emotional life very rich, have many friends, and have many opportunities for love.


Choose “I don’t think it’s suitable for him to wear, and ask him to wear it by yourself.” You are a character who will not let others compete.

Full of self-confidence and good conditions. He knows competition and is often a winner.

On the battlefield of love, you have extra opportunities to show your skills, and you can definitely get your favorite lover!