Chronic fatigue caused by staying up late overtime

Chronic fatigue caused by staying up late overtime

Are you caught in chronic fatigue?

You can get the answer by doing a simple self-test.

Under normal circumstances, after a round of stressful work, a person can recover full energy after a night’s sleep.

However, when such a method suddenly fails, even if you sleep for a long time, it does not work, you may have “chronic fatigue syndrome”.

  Main symptoms: “Chronic fatigue syndrome” The main symptoms are: fatigue, insomnia, dreams, tinnitus and forgetfulness, backache and so on.

It is characterized by repeated episodes of symptoms that last for more than 6 months, and sufficient rest cannot be relieved, followed by mild fever, sore throat, decreased concentration, general weakness, and other symptoms, which cause hormonal metabolic disorders in the body and abnormal nervous system regulation., Malignant chain reactions such as decreased immunity.

If it is not treated in a timely manner, it may lead to more serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even “overwork death.”

  Overtime medical statistics show that white-collar workers are “high-risk groups” of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Due to overloaded work and surprise tasks, white-collar workers often work overtime, eat irregularly, and have too much rest in the night life, which can lead to long-term health overdrafts and lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.

In addition, facing many competitions and challenges from work and life, white-collar workers maintain a long-term spiritual sense of urgency, increasing pressure and anxiety, lingering psychological fatigue and depression, thereby falling into a “sub-healthy state”.

  Relevant experts said that in the true sense of rest cannot be equivalent to sleeping, because excessive sleep will actually reduce the body’s metabolism, resulting in an increase in physical activity and a decrease in fatigue.

Therefore, experts suggest that it is best to start taking a nap from 1 pm, and it is better to go to bed at 10 to 11 in the evening.

It is better to get up from 5 to 6 in the morning.

  The concept of rest includes moderate physical and psychological relaxation and adjustment, and more exercise to improve physical fitness is the positive way to improve.

  Muscle weakness and weakness During this time, when Kobayashi woke up in the morning, he always felt muscle weakness and weakness.

This has happened before, but just a little activity, but recently this “muscle weakness” feeling is particularly strong and I feel tired every day.

  It is understood that muscle pain is more common in women between the ages of 20 and 50.

This condition may be caused by trauma or psychology, and its symptoms are stiffness in the morning, mainly in the neck, shoulders, tibia and hips. There is a large area of stiffness, sometimes itching.

  Therefore, experts reminded that when encountering frequent headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, etc., they must go to the hospital for early examination and treatment.

In addition, to avoid fatigue syndrome, the emphasis is on prevention. Selecting sports such as swimming and walking can improve muscle strength and flexibility, and reduce muscle pain.

And thermal therapy and massage can also reduce the short-term relaxation effect.

  The bad “cold” Ma Yan suffered from “hot tetanus”, because she always felt weak, so she took a rest at home for a while, but after a week or two, it still did not improve much, and the “hot tetanus” recurred, Can’t always heal.

  Experts say that because the symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome” and colds are very close, too many people think that paying attention to rest can improve.

In fact, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” is a very dangerous modern disease. It must not be diagnosed and treated by itself. Instead, doctors should be consulted in a timely manner to allow doctors to adopt comprehensive measures such as drugs and diet to improve their immunity.Enhance physical fitness and ultimately promote recovery.