Frequently dyed hair, beware of hair loss due to atrophy of hair follicles

Frequently dyed hair, beware of hair loss due to atrophy of hair follicles

Core tips: hot, dye, and pull are the most common hairdressing methods for women, but no matter which one will cause different degrees of hair damage.

Especially for hair dyeing, once it starts, it must be regularly replenished to maintain its color. In the long run, hair follicles may shrink and hair loss may occur.

  Girls who like to dye their hair will have this kind of interference. After a few months of dyeing, the top of the head will repeat, so you must make up regularly.

However, dyeing the hair will inevitably cause scalp, hair damage, mild itching, severe hair loss.

  Gradually dyeing the hair The most scalp hair follicles Repeated dyeing will cause allergies, and the alkalinity in the hair dye opens the hair scales of the epidermal layer of the hair, the artificial pigment enters the leather layer of the hair, and the Armenian component in the dye cream affects the hair scalesIt has a strong destructive effect. If improperly maintained, it is easy to cause scales to shift, water loss, rough burrs, loss of gloss and elasticity.

If you have the habit of dyeing and perming frequently for a long time, you should pay attention to the possible damage to the scalp and hair follicles, and even the risk of premature degradation.

In addition, long-term dyeing of hair exceeds the effects on the scalp, and the chemical components in it will damage the body’s hematopoietic system, so it should not be replaced excessively.

  Also remind everyone that after dyeing hair, you must always pay attention to the scalp condition, there are allergic reactions such as itching, swelling, etc., you should seek medical treatment immediately.

If left untreated, hair follicles are likely to die.

To know if the hair follicle is damaged, or the extent of the damage, you can see through the hair follicle inspection.

  Hair care should be done throughout the process Although hair dyeing can hurt hair and scalp, there are still many people who still have trouble giving up.

So, what can be done to minimize the harm before, during and after dyeing?

Hair dyeing should be well prepared and cared for.


Do not dye your hair while pregnant.


Before dyeing your hair, perform a local skin test. If you are allergic, do not dye your hair.


Apply Vaseline on the scalp to the neck and neck before dyeing your hair.


Do not perform cold ironing around one week after dyeing your hair.


Avoid shampooing.


Dye your hair at least 3 months apart, and look for professionals at the roots.

  For hair care, the most important thing is to maintain good hair quality and avoid hair damage. If you use hair care products, the temperature of the shampoo should not be too hot, the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too hot, or a balanced diet from the inside out.Sleep can keep your hair healthy.