Sleeping and sleeping half will be short-lived

Sleeping and sleeping half will be short-lived

Sleep is vital for everyone.

After a hard day’s work, a comfortable sleep can alleviate the fatigue of the day.

Have you ever had such an experience?

The dream is right, but it is awakened or awakened by sudden unexpected accidents. The dizziness is like the filling of lead. The reaction speed, the ability to judge and the ability to solve problems are correspondingly reduced. Scientists call this state of sleepy eyes “slow after sleep.””(Sleep inertia) or “Sleep half”.

  First, sleep paralyzed white-collar workers encounter “ghost press”” I was awakened after being woken up in the middle of the night and fell asleep, but I wanted to turn over and found that my body did not listen, as if something had burdened my hands and shoulders.Let me not move, I can’t say what I want to say, but my eyes can be opened, my mouth is dry and my chest is stuffy, how can I struggle with myself, how can I force my body to move, it will not help.”Working in a high-end business building in Futian District, ShenzhenMs. Liu Xin wrote to us to reflect her “ghost press” experience.

  Expert comment: The experience of this “ghost press” encountered by Ms. Liu Xin is called sleep disorder from the medical point of view. The official name is “sleep paralysis.”

In fact, if people have insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality, people with double breathing or narcolepsy are prone to “ghost presses”, and there are cases where the eyes are open but the whole body cannot move.

  ”Ghost press” usually occurs in the rapid eye movement period, also known as brain sleep. At this time, the muscle strength of the whole body skeletal muscle disappears, and the whole body except the eye can be seen, but other body parts cannot move, but usually the durationWith only a few seconds to a few minutes, the muscle recovery symptoms disappear.

In fact, sleep paralysis does not cause physical health effects.

  If you want to avoid frequent attacks, you can develop regular sleep habits, avoid late sleep and sleep late, avoid sleeping on your back and reduce the chance of repetition.

If it is still frequent, consider medication.

  Second, sleeping and sleeping half temper, a female executive in her 30s, because of official business, she needs to get up early. After her alarm clock wakes up at four in the morning, she is unwilling to get up, wash, and then drink a cup of coffee.People barely awake a few points, but still feel top-heavy.

  Strongly supporting the company to work, she found that her temper is very big today, and many things make her look pleasing to the eye.

Because of emotional stress, she did not yell at her colleagues, but ruthlessly blamed her subordinates. What’s worse, she always made a very naive mistake when she was always known for her work. After being pointed out by her colleagues, she was very big.Light fire.
  Expert comment: People in the case of lack of sleep force the brain into a high tension work, often receive a moderately counterproductive effect.

Insufficient sleep can affect brain thinking – some researchers have done this experiment: separate multiple students into three groups, the first group allows students to have adequate sleep, the second group allows students to completely sleep, the third group allows studentsHalf asleep, the test results on the second day found that half of the students who slept were worse than those who did not sleep at all.

  The human brain needs to be clear-cut and responsive. It must have enough sleep. If you are not enough sleep or are disturbed during sleep, your brain will not get enough rest, which will affect your brain’s ability to think and handle things.

  Third, the potential danger of half-sleeping and awakening is higher. Modern people ignore rest in social competition, rather than lack of sleep and rest to take into account a danger.

The potential danger of sleeping half is underestimated and leads to an increase in the risk factor in daily life.

  According to relevant information, when a person who sleeps half takes an urgent task, the spirit will be more embarrassing than usual.

A resident said that he was woken up by the patient just after he slept, and his own reaction at this time was slower than during the day.

  A driver who barely gets up and drives a long-distance car when he sleeps half is more prone to accidents.

A new survey showed that driving in a drowsy state increased the driver’s chance of a traffic accident by 43%.

  Sleeping half will affect the balance of female endocrine, accelerate the aging of the skin, and prone to wrinkles.

  When people who sleep half do their daily work, their ability to think, their alertness and their judgment will be shortened and they will be prone to errors.

  Long-term accumulation of people who sleep half will cause the immune system to decline and become susceptible to illness.

  The risk of cardiovascular disease is also increased in half of those who sleep.

  Fourth, let the brain wake up in just 10 minutes. From sleep to waking, you need to rest. Even if the brain is in charge of the physiological clock of sleep, that is, the nerve core of the hypothalamus wakes up, but the function of managing and analyzing the parts may not beSynchronized and awake.

If you want to feel uncomfortable before and after sleep, or if you need a bed to solve the problem immediately, the sleep experts have given the following suggestions: 1. Don’t get up immediately, lie for 5 minutes, think about some pleasant things, let the brainSlowly return to God.

  2, slowly get up, enjoy the fun of the East touch and touch, the other functions of the brain will gradually change and wake up.

  3, take a deep breath.

Slowly inhale, as if sucking to the top of the head, then spit out all the gas, stop for another two seconds and do it again.

  4. Drink some water.

Let the body know that a new day is about to begin.

  5, wash your face with cold water, will make your mind clear.

  6, simple contraction exercise, can relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and wake up other parts of the body.

  7, if you have to operate the machine or judge things immediately after getting up, drink a cup of coffee, at least 2?
3 hours awake.
  8, do the right amount of exercise.
Exercise can improve immunity, restore the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and also help to wake up at work.

  Tips: In the sleep state, we are sometimes inevitably awakened by some accidents, can not sleep again, do not hinder trying to relax, do not think of any thoughts, lie down quietly, if still can not sleep, staySitting can also, try to make the mind blank, do not move, this can help to sleep.