What should I pay attention to when learning yoga?

What should I pay attention to when learning yoga?

Yoga practitioners should first understand the most suitable time, place, physical condition, exercise clothing, and other precautions for the military exercise.

  Time: Early in the morning, before breakfast is the best time for yoga exercises.

You can practice in the evening or at other times, but make sure to practice after fasting or complete digestion.

It is roughly three to four hours after a meal. Drinking liquid food or drink can be practiced after half an hour.

In fact, more specific practice time rules are practiced in the morning before the sun comes out, at noon when the sun reaches the top of the head, in the evening after sunset, in the early morning at 12
o’clock in the evening.

Practice different content at different times, such as practicing asana in the morning, practicing Panda at noon, and practicing meditation at night.

Practitioners should choose the time that is most convenient for them, and practice at the same time every day. When practicing yoga, the body should remain normal and quiet. If there is an uncomfortable place or condition at this time, try not to practice excessively strong methods.No practice at all.

Perfect multi-practice yoga, of course, can never exceed the ability of the body.

  Location: When practicing yoga, choose a quiet, clean, fresh place. Leave the room as much as possible and choose an open natural place. Pay attention to maintaining air circulation in the room. This is especially important for breathing exercises, and develop the habit of often opening windows for ventilation., You can put green plants beside you when practicing yoga.

The floor needs to be covered with a soft blanket. The softness can be controlled to keep it small, and you must not let your feet slip. You can use pu mats to practice seated yoga, which can effectively prevent fatigue.

  Quiet: Keep quiet while practicing yoga.

Avoid conversations and mental activities. You can play easy and simple music. In short, you can focus on your physiology.

  Rest: Yoga rest is not an ordinary rest. Each kind of rest is actually a kind of meditation. This effect cannot be underestimated. He can relax the body, feel the energy obtained, and exercise his body to feel my existence.

There are two breaks. The first is a short break. This is mainly a 10-30 second break commonly used in asanas. It usually takes about one-fifth of the exercise; the other is a special break that sometimes takes up to several hours.For a long time, for example, body relaxation techniques often practiced by yogis and so on.

In addition to achieving relaxation, this method also consciously controls the energy and spirit in the body.

  Exercise clothing: Simple, shorts, wide-leg pants or traditional Chinese training pants for yoga practice; women can wear shorts or stretch pants.

Keep your upper body loose.

  Bathing: In the early morning, practitioners do not need to take a bath before practicing. The specific time for bathing can be determined by the practitioner’s convenience.

If you want to spray with hot water after practicing, it should be done after 15 minutes.

Taking a bath can increase the feeling of cleanliness and relaxation of the human body, so that it performs better during certain exercises, so many people choose to take a bath before the exercise.

  Practice method: To succeed in yoga practice, you must master the right method.

Yoga is a complete scientific system, so practitioners are required to practice in the right way.

If you can’t do it according to regulations, these yoga exercises become odorless machine movements, which run counter to the real hint.

Although not everyone can make all yoga poses flawlessly, they can certainly master the essentials of yoga practice without difficulty.

It is hoped that each individual will practice yoga in accordance with his or her physical limits, and try his best not to be forced.

Every step of yoga practice must be carried out with caution, not too hastily, and gradually increase the intensity and difficulty during the practice.

  Relevant matters needing attention: It is not suitable for women to practice yoga after menstruation and four months of pregnancy. In this case, many yoga methods should be stopped and selective forced exercise.

Yoga exercises are extremely effective for treating various gynecological diseases, and they are also beneficial for improving women’s health.

For example, menstrual disorders can be cured through yoga practice, and proper yoga practice for pregnant women can improve obesity and even achieve painless delivery.

  ● 15 things to note when practicing yoga: 1.

There are no special rules on the diet of the practitioner.

One half of the stomach can be filled with food, one quarter can be filled with water, and the remaining quarter can be left vacant.

Do not avoid it for an hour before or after practicing yoga, and try to avoid it for two hours after a meal; 2.

It is not appropriate to practice difficult movements six months after surgery and women’s physiological period; 3.

Hypertension, hypertension patients and pregnant women do only simple actions; 4.

It is better to be barefoot, wear loose, comfortable, and brake the body to move freely; 5,

It is not advisable to practice on a hard floor or a too soft bed. A mat should be laid on the ground when practicing; 6.

If you feel physically weak or have complications while maintaining a certain posture, you should immediately receive power and massage; 7.
Practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room.
The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but in a pleasant environment, do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove, or interventional practice, to avoid accidents, especially when doing head and handstand, do not practice under electric fans; 8.

When doing exercises, you can open your eyes and close your eyes, and focus on the sensations produced in the body; 9.

Eliminate urination and reduce the burden if possible; 10.

Do what you can, don’t be stubborn, move slowly, don’t use force suddenly, don’t deliberately pursue “standards”.

When you fracture to the maximum extent you can afford it, you are doing it right.

Warming up is important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It’s best to do some yoga warm-ups. You can walk for 5 minutes or climb the stairs to get your body fully active before you start exercising.

Step by step to avoid being frightened.

Try to relax during the exercise, you can withstand a little soreness, but do not use excessive force or barely move; 11.

Don’t laugh or talk while practicing. Breathe intently.

Maintain regular, deeper breathing, which helps the body relax; 12

It is best to practice every day. After doing a complete yoga movement, remember to lie down and have a rest in a corpse style; 13

When doing each posture, insist on 5 full breathing times to ensure that your inhaled and exhaled lengths are similar.

When doing this movement, use one leg first, then change the other leg, bend and relax, and breathe deeply.

If you still want to do it, repeat; 14.

To make the balance easy, you can find a spot on the floor, about 3 in front of you?
4 feet place.

Eyes relax, as you slowly come into position, focus on that point, maintain a balanced posture and breathe deeply; 15

Guaranteed to exercise 3 every week?
4 times.

Although many movements may seem simple, some postures, especially balance movements, are not easy for a beginner, so don’t be afraid of these movements and modify your plan in time.

  (A) If there is no special need, use your nose to breathe all the time: nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and also stabilize your nerves, making your body healthier.

  (2) Don’t eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: It is best to keep fasting and fullness.

  (3) Do not do yoga for half an hour before or after bathing: blood circulation is too fast, blood pressure is too high, and muscles are too soft, which can easily cause physical injury.

  (4) Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.

  (5) Concentrate on a certain part of the body, not only find it easier to learn, but also better.

  (6) If there are left and right postures, remember to do the same number of times on both sides.

Can’t just do it unilaterally.

  (7) Don’t do only one posture from beginning to end: only one posture for treating low back pain will only make it worse.

  (8) When the breathing frequency is not stable, the corpse can be relaxed.

Reluctantly entering another posture, not only can not achieve the effect, but it will produce a counter-effect look.

  (9) The number of breaths when maintaining the completed position is limited to one’s physical fitness.

Beginners keep three?
The number of breaths can be five times, and then increase slowly.

First, recognize the goal and persevere. Only persistent practice can achieve the expected results.

  Modern people have a tense life and are full of chores. They often interrupt practice because of accidental agitation. Actually, the practice time is not long or even dedicated.

Once a day, even for short periods of time, it is more effective than once a week.

  Second, don’t force it. Don’t be impatient in any posture.

Especially for beginners, don’t be eager to make progress quickly, the trade will barely reach a certain posture, once it is counterproductive, it will definitely cause harm.
  Third, to strengthen self-confidence, do not be discouraged. The practice of yoga is to improve health and fitness. Don’t compete with others. As long as you feel good, today’s progress is better than yesterday.
  At the beginning of the exercise, the softness of the body is definitely not as good as I imagined. You should give yourself more time to adapt. Do not be discouraged. At the same time, you can support foreign objects such as chairs and wiring. After step by step practice, you can gradually reach the balanceBefore giving up assistive tools.

  Fourth, if you feel uncomfortable, immediately stop practicing and take a break!

  During the exercise, if you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately and lie still for a few minutes.

  When lying on your back, try to relax your whole body, close your eyes, separate your feet, shoulder width, shoulders, palms up, and slow deep breathing (using the “conscious breathing method” to draw the gas to Dantian first, and then exhale. Remember to exhaleIt is longer than inhaling), you can continue to practice until you feel normal, or start to practice after being instructed by a professional teacher.

  Fifth, the practice site should not be too hard or too soft. Yoga is one of the most unrestricted activities in the venue, whether it is in the living room, bedroom, balcony, or company office, as long as there is a space that can tolerate the whole body,You can practice freely while traveling.

  However, because yoga movements involve many soft movements, it is inevitable to squeeze the limbs and muscles when practicing. Therefore, you should avoid practicing on hard floors or too soft spring beds, otherwise it will easily cause abrasions or injuries due to loss of center of gravity.

  Therefore, it is best to do yoga at home on the carpet. If there is no carpet in the home, you can practice a blanket or towel on the floor.

  Sixth, it is not appropriate to wear too tight clothing to practice yoga. Strictly speaking, there is no fixed clothing requirement for yoga practice. As long as it is loose and comfortable, it is suitable for sports clothes such as casual clothes, sportswear or rhythm clothes.

  In addition, when practicing yoga, you do not need to wear shoes, and avoid wearing tight-fitting accessories such as belts, belts, watches, necklaces and earrings.

  Seven, after meals and the first two days of the month, depending on the physical condition of the person to decide whether to practice or not Generally speaking, as long as you feel physically and mentally well, the practice of yoga does not require any time limit.In the first two days of the month, it is best to decide whether to practice depending on your physical condition.

  Eight, high blood pressure, seizures, high blood pressure patients avoid doing “upside down” yoga. People with high blood pressure, seizures, heart disease, remember-do not do upside down, but worship and soft movements are moreDo it anyway.

  Answers to some questions often encountered in the exercise: 1.

Is there time and environment required for the practice?

  Exercises are best done on an empty stomach in the morning, on an empty stomach at noon, or 3 hours after dinner.

Other times can also choose after 3 hours after a meal.

Try to practice at the same time every day in advance.

  The location is not strictly limited, but it must be selected in a place with ventilation, fresh air and quiet.

It is also possible to practice with windows open at home.

  Practice is best to spread a half-centimeter-thick carpet on the floor, but it needs to be neat.


Are there any requirements for practice clothes?

  It is best to wear loose, soft sportswear.

Pants are best tied, and the armour is used to practice handstands.


How long do you need to practice every time?

  It is best to practice for 1 hour a day, if not, arrange for half an hour or even 10 minutes.

The key is to practice every day, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

  Persevering for half an hour a day is more effective than practicing two hours a week.

  Practicing yoga is expensive.


How do I adjust my breathing during practice?

  In posture and breathing exercises, breathing is usually through the nostrils.

Breath exhalation and exhalation must be slow and continuous.

Also, it takes a little longer to inhale than to inhale.


Is it necessary to practice yoga?
  Although advanced yoga practitioners must be vegetarian, we also believe that vegetarian food is really very good, but we respect everyone’s eating habits and promote vegetarian food that everyone tries.


My job is very stressful and it often makes me tired. Is it useful to practice yoga?
  One of the main contents of yoga is deep abdominal breathing and contraction exercises, which can make the muscles and brain get sufficient oxygen, relax, and alleviate the adverse reactions of the body.


I have high blood pressure, can I do yoga?

  Studies have shown that yoga exercises have a good effect on hypertension.

When doing yoga, one’s heartbeat begins to slow down, breathing becomes gentle, and blood pressure drops, so yoga can relieve high blood pressure.

  But friends with high blood pressure, please be careful not to practice the exercises related to handstand, including shoulder stand and head stand.

Don’t keep the exercises for too long.


I started practicing yoga. Why is my body a little uncomfortable?

  When doing yoga exercises, the body will have some different reactions and pain from previous injuries, etc. This is because yoga will make your body reflect the old bad ones. As long as you continue to practice, these conditions will gradually disappear and getAdjust and your physical condition will improve.


Can I Lose Weight by Practicing Yoga?

Which pose is the best?

  The purpose of yoga is to regulate the body and mind to a healthy state, so yoga can lose weight.

Yoga postures can burn many of your aunts. At the same time, yoga also promotes a healthy lifestyle and diet, reducing the intake of high-fat foods.

The most important thing is to keep exercising every day and maintain a healthy body and mood.

  This also shows that the adjustment of yoga to the body is systematic. It is best not to give birth to individual asanas. Pay attention to the balance of asanas and develop a healthy lifestyle.


Can the female physiological cycle be practiced?

  During this period, you can choose to practice or take a break. This is mainly a matter of personal preference.

When you continue to practice, you should pay attention to some asanas, some are related to handstands, abdominal contraction and energy improvement energy exercises, it is best not to practice.

Because this may cause you discomfort due to physiological problems.


Can yoga make me taller?

  If you’re already an adult–especially after age 22, I’m sorry, it’s basically impossible.

Conversely, if you are a teenager now, there are too many ways to help adjust your posture and increase your height.

In particular, asanas and pacing, while maintaining a healthy diet are also factors for growth.

I have a lot of work pressure and am worried all day. Can you help me?

  Combining asanas, meditation and pacing can effectively reduce or even eliminate your concerns.

Through these exercises, focusing your attention on your body and mind can make you more confident.

It also allows you to have a stronger ability to self-condition and adjust your mindset to the best state in time.

  However, practicing yoga does not have immediate effects. The key is to insist on practicing every day, and it will definitely be effective after one month.