Discover the mysterious dead experience

Discover the mysterious “dead experience”

Many people in the scientific community believe that the study of human consciousness is the last problem of science, and how consciousness disappears, especially the “dead experience” is a mystery.
As a result, the occurrence of death, that is, the “near-death experience”, has become a hotspot of independent or collaborative research in biology, medicine, psychology, and philosophy.
  The so-called near-death experience, that is, the near-death experience, refers to the profound and subjective experience described by some people who have suffered severe trauma or severe illness but have recovered accidentally.
Foreign countries have already listed it as an important subject in life science research.
    Various “Near-Death Experiences” “Near-Death Experiences” are widespread among various ethnic groups.
In 1987, in Barcelona, Spain, a 24-year-old young worker named Chavia Aina was unfortunately crushed by a large box with a machine and became an unconscious “vegetative”.
One day in March 1990, Ya Aina suddenly woke up. Although it was only more than 10 minutes, he told people about his adventures when he fell asleep: “I became a child and was led by my deceased auntWith.
She took me into a glowing tunnel, which led to another world.
She said to me, ‘the eternal peace you want me to find in another world.
‘I covered my eyes with my hands, but Aunt Maria gently pulled my hand back.
“After more than 10 minutes, Ya Aina fell asleep again.
    Coincidentally, a 65-year-old “resurrected” businessman in the United States also described his “post-death” scene to the doctors who rescued him: “I remember like a light cloud, gradually rising from my bodyTo the ceiling.
Neither the walls of the hospital nor the iron doors could stop ‘I at this time’.
I quickly flew out of the hospital and, with increasing speed, into the void space.
Then I went at a very fast speed in an endless tunnel.
At the other end of the tunnel, I saw a bright light; this light became brighter and brighter.
When I reached the end of the tunnel, the light turned into an extremely powerful light source.
My heart is full of joy and love.
I no longer have worries, depression, pain and tension.
“What’s interesting is that some celebrities have also had a” dead experience “.
Hemingway, the Nobel Prize winner in literature and well-known American writer, experienced a “soul separation” experience when he was 19 years old.
He was serving in an ambulance team on the Italian front. At midnight on July 8, 1918, a shrapnel struck Hemingway’s legs, causing him serious injuries.
He later told his friend Guy Hicko: “I feel like my soul has come out of my body, like pulling a silk handkerchief out of my pocket.
The silk handkerchief wandered around, and finally returned to the old place and went into his pocket.
In addition to Hemingway, the great German poet Goethe, France ‘s best critical realist writer Maupassant, Russian famous nineteenth-century writer Dostoevsky, American most famous novelist Ellen Poe, and British famous writer DaiWei-Herbert-Lawrence and others have had similar experiences. They believe that: “The human soul is hidden in the human flesh and is a perfect replica of the flesh. It is composed of extremely light things.Transparent and very suitable for in vitro activities, when the soul leaves the body, it is almost like dreaming.
“The scientific community who is not convinced.” According to foreign data, in Germany, a “death test” was conducted, and 42 young and strong male and female volunteers participated in the test.
The “death trial” approach is simple: using drugs, 42 volunteers were placed in a state of complete unconsciousness similar to death.
In a short period of 22 seconds, the volunteers each achieved something-some saw colorful lights; some saw relatives and friends; some saw their “souls” emitting blue light “escaping” from their own bodies;     Some saw a glowing “tunnel.”
    In fact, a similar “death trial” is not the first time. Michael Saab, an American cardiologist, also organized an “hell expedition” by using drugs to stun some people and using high levels of rescue to make themResurrection, these people experienced similar results to the tests described above.
    Since the 1980s, the medical community has paid more and more attention to the end of life.
Although the test methods and research results are different, everyone ‘s opinions are basically the same for those who have experienced the “dead experience”: peace and tranquility, passing through a tunnel into another world, and a light aheadAnd enter the garden and so on.
Many returning from the verge of death believe that they have undergone a “retrospection of life”; others will say that it feels like being integrated with a cosmic intelligence or consciousness.
It is not uncommon for these survivors to be angry and sad about being “brought back.”
  Many people who have experienced near-death experience insist that the separation of the soul is their own experience, and it is by no means illusory.
However, because this kind of experience is rarely experienced by ordinary people, and the measurement of the instrument is difficult to be completely accurate, there are still people who have argued about this until now.
According to two MIT professors, the “near-death experience” is purely nonsense. It is nothing more than the illusion of death caused by suffocation. It is caused by lack of sensation.
    As for why such strange hallucinations occur, scientists believe that it is related to the education, experience and personal characteristics of the person.
Some scientists have pointed out that at the moment of death, the subjective experience in a short period of time is generally similar-especially people who believe in the existence of heaven are everywhere in the West, so it is more likely to produce a “dead experience.”This is a more convincing view at the moment.

In addition, some former Soviet Union scientists believe that there is an energy system in the human body that can form self-dissociation. They call this self the “energy” or “bioplasma”, and this energy may become an intermediate when the mind is separated.Transport yourself, different types of ex vivo phenomena may have different corresponding media.

Biologist Roland Siegel explained from the perspective of biochemistry that he believes that when everyone dies, the brain will secrete excessive chemicals, some of which can cause strange hallucinations.

   The shocking experiment was at a time when the scientific community was indifferent. The scientific experiment named “Alpha 3” was quietly launched in Tokyo, Japan, and opened up a new world for the study of “the near-death experience”.

The “Alpha 3” program is sponsored by multinational corporations, and a total of 16 volunteers participated in the experiment.

They are from the United States, Japan and Switzerland, ranging in age from 19 to 75, and are all dying.

They were approved to join the “Alpha 3” program after nearly 3 months of in-depth psychological analysis.

    The specific implementation method of the “Alpha 3” program is: scientists implant electrodes in the skulls of volunteers and connect them to a computer so that the computer can receive volunteer brain waves within 80 kilometers and within 60 secondsThe brain waves are translated into text and displayed on a fluorescent screen on a computer terminal.

    During the first two years of implementing the “Alpha 3” program, four volunteers have left the world, but the computer no longer receives any information from them.

The scientists were not discouraged. They further modified the computer program and finally succeeded.

    At that time, a volunteer named Fodi died.

Three days later, the long-awaited message from scientists appeared on the computer screen: “I’m Fodie, tell you, I’m happy, no pain . no pain . no pain .”More than 20 times, the information was suddenly interrupted.

This result greatly encouraged the experimenters and made the experiment more orderly and undistorted.

However, the four volunteers have since died, but the computer has not received any information.

Just as “the mountain and the river are in doubt,” a 23-year-old leukemia patient died unfortunately, making the experiment “Liu An Hua Ming Yai Village” because the computer received her message the next day: “This is a beautifulPlace, I’m glad to be here, it’s often sunny here.

“A lot of people are with me. I love them so much. I will .” The message stopped suddenly.

    The scientists participating in the “Alpha 3” project believe that the feedback results of the life information conveyed here are similar, which is strong evidence for the existence of the “near-death experience”.

In view of this, the “Alpha 3” plan needs to go further.

    People are always curious about the secret of death.

These positive studies show that this field is gradually becoming a legal field in mainstream scientific exploration, but it will take time and effort to solve this tempting problem.