Sexual awareness

Sexual awareness

The reflection of sexual differences, sexual identity, gender roles, and sexual impulses at the level of psychological awareness.

The formation and development of sexual consciousness is widely related to sexual psychological development.

Individuals ‘initial sexual consciousness arises from infants and young children’s perception of differences in parents’ gender roles around the age of two.

Later, through the parenting behavior and language, before 3 years old, he developed a sense of whether he was male or female, that is, sexual identity.

At this stage, by observing the external genitalia of oneself and a child of the opposite sex during urination, washing exercises and other activities, the differences in the sexual organs of children of different sexes were observed, thereby understanding the biological characteristics of one’s own sex.

This sexual identity awareness is important for the normal development of sexual psychology.

Preschool children strengthen their awareness of sexual identity and form their own awareness of gender roles through sexual games between same-sex and heterosexual children.

In adolescence, the development of sexual characteristics and the emergence of sexual impulses gradually mature the individual sexual psychology, resulting in sexual requirements and the consciousness of choosing a mate.

Adult sexual consciousness is mainly the sexual experience during sexual impulses and sexual activities.

Sexual awareness plays an important role in guiding sexual behavior.