The whole body of the fish is a good complement for men and women.

The whole body of the fish is a good complement for men and women.

There is a saying in the folk, “Man eats fish for long life, and women eat fish for beauty.

“Fish protein does have a very good effect on the development and maintenance of the male reproductive system, and the fresh and tender meat of fish is easily absorbed by the human body, which has the effect of tightening the skin of women and removing acne.

Therefore, both women and men should eat fish food in a timely manner.

  Fish with good brain effect: big head fish.

The fish head of the bighead fish is rich in nutritional value. It also has lecithin, which is needed for the development of human brain cells, which is in accordance with the amino acids absorbed by the human brain. It is rich in special proteins, which is helpful for the intellectual development of children.

  Blood, liver and kidney, fish for the treatment of dysentery in children: Scutellaria baicalensis has the best blood-supplementing effect. It can be used to supplement kidney yang, to treat children with dysentery, nocturia, with Chinese traditional medicine sample Cuscuta.

It can also treat facial nerve palsy. Generally, the effect of boiling soup or cooking is obvious and more delicious.

Although eel does not have the good blood-supplementing effect of Scutellaria baicalensis, it is similar to Scutellaria baicalensis with some traditional Chinese medicine such as Cuscuta chinensis, which can nourish kidney yang, treat dysentery and nocturia in children.

The steaming method has higher nutritional value.

  Although fish animals are rich in nutritional value, if you can’t adopt the correct cooking methods, you will not get good results in nutritional supplements.

When making fish soup, salt should be added when the pan is about to rise. Excessively fast salt, fish protein, fish taste and other nutrients are easily locked by salt.

If you want to make up fish, use steaming to keep the original flavor of the fish.

If fried at high temperature, nutrients such as fish protein are easily damaged.

Therefore, steaming the fish can keep the original flavor of the fish and its nutritional value is higher.